ACEnano Method Decision Tool for nanomaterial characterisation: an interface and extension to the NanoDefine Decision Support Framework


The ACEnano project has been delivering confidence, adaptability, and clarity into nanomaterial risk assessment by the creation of a “conceptual toolbox” including a tiered approach to cost efficient nanomaterial analysis that will, among others, facilitate decision-making in choice of the measurement techniques. This includes a decision tool that will guide users through the selection of the most appropriate method(s) to address their needs in material registration, risk assessment, or product labelling. The focus of the ACEnano Decision Tool, which is an interface and extension to the NanoDefine Methods Framework [1] based on the NanoDefiner e-tool implementation [2, 3] and further extended in ACEnano, is the recommendation of suitable measurement techniques based on a material description provided by the user. Depending on the interest of the user three categories are available: “Regulation”, “Risk Assessment”, and “Labelling”. For each of these a set of parameters needs to be determined, which are shown in a second window. For instance, for regulation these are: size and size distribution, shape and aspect ratio, surface functionalisation and surface area. By selecting a parameter, a third window is opened containing a series of questions that essentially form a description of the material properties, and a list of measurement techniques that can determine the parameter required. Based on the answers to the questions, one or more of these techniques will be suggested as a suitable measurement technique for the parameter required for the user’s nanomaterial.

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